Mining Supply Chain Optimisation: create practical schedules and strategies that improve profits and lower operational risks with BlendOpt.

Integrated Mining Supply Chain Management

Close the gap between plans and practice

Integrate mining business silos and align efforts

Optimise Mining Operations
from Mine2Market

BlendOpt’s mathematical optimisation provides superior grade control with integrated supply and demand chain management.

BlendOpt is the only system that can provide comprehensive material flow traceability from orebody block to point of sale.

BlendOpt can simultaneously optimise transportation, routing, stockpiling, and processing decisions while achieving the business rules, contracts, and financial drivers that matter most to your operation.

Superior Grade Control
that balances short and long-term objectives

Your mining data is full of potential. Reach it with Paradyn.


BHP Billiton
Peabody Energy
Anglo American
Adaro Energy