Optimising value chains from Mine-to-Market

About Paradyn

Paradyn is a software company that delivers optimised business decisions via the BlendOpt integrated mine planning and optimisation application.

Through our software and consulting services, we enable mining companies to derive maximal efficiency and value from their operations, across the industry sectors of coal, iron ore, metals and mineral sands.

Our dedicated team of software engineers, chemical/process engineers, and SMEs provide solutions that deliver measurable value to our clients through our software, consulting, and training offerings.

We’re committed to optimising your mining operation decisions, with outstanding service and software

Mission & Values

We put our customers first and our clear purpose is to give every mining company with complex choices in their value-chain<, the ability to unlock the hidden value within their mining operation. Paradyn is dedicated to being a leader in decision support software for the mining industry. We're committed to work with our clients to improve their mining operation decisions, with outstanding service and software. Paradyn is dedicated to embracing technology, creativity, and innovation in everything we do, and is committed to conducting our business with integrity. We are also focussed on sustaining a fulfilling work life balance for our people, and providing a nurturing environment for their career objectives.

We want you to unlock the hidden value in your mining operation

Your mining data is full of potential

Stored and siloed, your mining data represents a wealth of possibilities that are waiting to be unlocked. Using data science, Artificial Intelligence, and mathematical optimisation, Paradyn translates your data into meaningful and actionable insights that have a significant impact on revenue.

Paradyn provides the BlendOpt integrated mine planning software platform for optimising the Mine to Market value chain. BlendOpt helps mine operators achieve better processing, stockpiling, haulage, and production decisions across the value chain by making simultaneous improvements in concert with every business silo.

Paradyn delivers technically rigorous answers and novel insights into important decisions faced within complex mining supply chains. We help miners make great decisions from the tactical scheduling of on spec shipments, life of mine planning, to strategic acquisitions, and mine expansion studies.

Paradyn’s consulting services are fundamentally supported by BlendOpt – our proprietary cloud-based platform for integrated mine planning and scheduling.

Paradyn’s mine planning software uncovers unique solutions and communicates complex results with impactful visual analytics which are contextualised for every stakeholder within the operation, from the mine engineer to the COO.

BlendOpt can simultaneously optimise many thousands of decisions, across time, to uncover opportunities for higher operating profits. The optimised integrated mine plan considers stockpiling, processing, blending, rail, port, and product strategy decisions across multiple planning horizons.

BlendOpt illuminates mine planning activities for every stakeholder within an organisation, from the mine planner to the COO.
With Paradyn’s advanced analytics, different stakeholders can visualise the information that is timely and pertinent to their role and task. BlendOpt allows for the generation and exploration of thousands of scenario variations via its artificial intelligence and mathematical optimisation, in one continuous work-flow from mine to market.

A user working with BlendOpt scenario versioning and data store
BlendOpt.Integrate Datastore and Scenario Versioning Management keeps track of every optimised scenario run, scenario variation, and report, providing your operation with a single version of truth.

Using Paradyn’s BlendOpt platform, mining companies can drive silo integration towards greater efficiencies and increased revenue, and as a repository of data, BlendOpt helps miners to minimise uncertainty via version control of scenarios and data warehousing of all mining operation plans and schedules.

A PC running BlendOpt Integrated Mine Planning Data Visualisation and AnalyticsBlendOpt.DAV Analytics and Data Visualisation.