Modelling and scheduling of material stacking, reclaiming and blending at multiple locations in a supply chain

Key Features

  • Model cargo assembly or dedicated stockpiles.
  • Model material aging such as oxidation.
  • Define minimum and maximum stock capacities.


Iron Ore, Graphite, Coal


BlendOpt.SM enables you to enhance the supportive role that stockpiling can have on product delivery while balancing this with the costs of unsold inventory.

Time-based models of stockpile quality deterioration, e.g. oxidation, can be created to directly influence planning decisions in BlendOpt’s mathematical optimisation algorithms.

Stockpile minimum capacities can be modelled to change with time when it’s important for BlendOpt plans to build up stocks. Conversely, stockpile maximum capacities can also be configured to change with time, enabling studies into the forced depletion of selected stock.