Optimising value chains from Mine-to-Market

Market Optimisation

Mine to Market Mine Strategy Optimisation and Integrated Mine Planning


Key Features

  • Optimise across both contracted and non-contracted sales.
  • Adjust prices by product quality.
  • Define and constrain products across multiple quality attributes.


Coal, Iron Ore, Graphite



BlendOpt.MSO uniquely supports marketing teams to maximise the book value of their resources.

Using a list of product definitions, BlendOpt.MSO determines the right mix of product blends and volumes to maximise revenue under different market conditions.

With BlendOpt.MSO, you can automate the investigation of new product studies, revealing the price that a product becomes relevant to your operation and how this changes over time with pricing forecasts and mine plans.

BlendOpt.MSO also determines the greatest economic benefit from buying third party coal as well as how much should be purchased over time.