Optimising value chains from Mine-to-Market

Mine Planning

BlendOpt Data analysis and visualisation


Visually analyse mine planning data to discover trends, validate models, check assumptions, calculate risks, compare options.

Key Features

  • Visual and interactive data analysis of integrated plans
  • Powerful data cross-filtering
  • Compare and discover differences across mining scenarios
  • Measure trends and evaluate risks





BlendOpt.DAV is Paradyn’s proprietary data visualisation tool. Unlike charting in Excel, BlendOpt.DAV supports a dynamic visual interrogation of data that enables you to easily pivot, group, and summarize data. There is no need to learn a complex database management tool.

BlendOpt.DAV is custom built to help you consistently and efficiently discover the ultimate cause of discrepancies within mining data.

BlendOpt.DAV is designed to quickly investigate variance across mine plans as well as validate whether mine planning scripts are achieving required KPIs and business rules.
BlendOpt analytics and data cross-filtering